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24 for Life – American Diabetes Month 2019

24 for Life – American Diabetes Month 2019

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Deborah Dawkins, Executive Director, East Topeka Senior Center (partnered with Midland Care’s 24 for Life program)
“Whenever I have an opportunity to address what we’re doing for our clients, I mention the 24 for Life program and how it plays into our mission of keeping our clients as healthy as possible.”

When Deborah was approached by Midland Care to offer their lifestyle change program supported by the American Diabetes Association, 24 for Life, at the East Topeka Senior Center, she knew it would be a beneficial program to her clients, as their primary goal is to make sure they stay healthy and can remain in their homes as long as possible. In particular, Deborah had seen many of her clients eating unhealthily and wanted to ensure they had the tools to make healthy choices.

Little did she know, that the program would have not just a professional but personal impact. After being diagnosed with prediabetes herself and experiencing knee pain, Deborah also joined the class. Deborah noticed several of her clients making healthier food choices using the knowledge learned in class, with several losing weight and showing boosted self-confidence. Deborah’s participation in the program also lowered her own risk of prediabetes—she lost 40 pounds, no longer has knee pain, and feels better overall. Deborah recommends the program to other participants and businesses to prevent type 2 diabetes and improve overall morale, health, and wellbeing.

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