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Celebrating Ten Years with PACE

Celebrating Ten Years with PACE

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Ten years ago Michael Forcade made a bet to get on the Midland Care PACE program and it paid off.

PACE is the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. It helps people 55 and older stay in their home by wrapping services around them. He really enjoys the Midland Care staff. He shared, “All of the people are excellent, that is why I’ve stayed with the program.”

As a child, Forcade was raised by parents who loved to entertain. His Dad’s favorite event was the Kentucky Derby and Forcade still remembers all of the time and energy that went into making the day perfect for the numerous guests who arrived at their home.

Forcade attended the University of Kansas to major in Political Science. He then lived in Las Vegas for thirty years where he made his living by being a successful professional sports better and helping run a sports production company. One show that he helped produce had a home office in Dallas.

Eventually, he realized he needed to move back home due to his illness.

Forcade credits the PACE program with helping him stay in his home and keeping him out of an assisted living or a nursing home.

Since PACE participates can determine if they utilize the Day Center or not, he typically stays at his home, unless there is a special occasion such as holiday meal or an event.

Forcade recommends the PACE program for others in similar situations. He said, “Overall, they encompass so much of your needs, particularly when you get my age or higher. You need a network of people who are professionals. It’s nice to have a family around, but family are not professionals, that is why you need PACE.”

For more information about PACE, please contact us at 800-491-3691. The sooner you call; the sooner we can help.