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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Midland Care to Close Physical Location in Ottawa, Services to Continue  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Midland Care to Close Physical Location in Ottawa, Services to Continue  

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Midland Care is under contract to sell their office location at 635 S Main Street. The location has not been utilized for outside guests in recent years, but as an administrative building for Midland Care staff. Midland Care will continue to offer services in أوتاوا and all of Franklin County as we have for over 27 years.

 “The pandemic has taught us that we can offer flexibility to our staff by working from home with through the use of technology,” said Shawn Sullivan, President and CEO of Midland Care. “Over the last 27 years, the أوتاوا community has entrusted Midland Care to serve their loved ones. We look forward to continuing our same commitment to quality and personalized care.”

 Midland Care will continue to offer:

  • هوسبيس:
    End-of-life care that wraps services around the ill providing hope, comfort, and support for the patient and their family.
  • تزدهر في المنزل:
    The patient and/or caregiver can hire a private duty nurse/aide to assist in daily activities, errands, and chores.
  • صحة المنزل:
    Provides skilled care focused on recovery and independence in the comfort of your own home.
  • Bereavement Services:
    Midland Care offers grief counseling after the loss of a loved one.

 In addition to continuing services, our local staff will continue to provide quality care to our patients. The community will continue to see Scott Wasser, RN, Megan Spencer, RN and the support staff for the أوتاوا area.

“This is not easy work, but it is fulfilling. It’s not my job; it’s my passion; it’s my mission,” Scott Wasser, RN at Midland Care.


About Midland Care Connection, Inc. – Midland Care is a not-for-profit, community-based organization providing options to families with challenging health needs. Since 1978, Midland Care has touched lives through a range of healthcare services. For more information, visit

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