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How can you be a hospice social worker? It’s so sad!

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How can you be a hospice social worker? It’s so sad!

Midland Care Hospice Social Worker Alayna posted the following today on her Facebook, we had to share!

When people ask: how do you do it? How can you be a hospice social worker, it’s so sad?

I do hospice work because I get to see people at their best as often as I see them at their worst. And because some days I get to be a lovey-dovey hand holder, and other days I get to flex Jack Reacher-style resourcefulness and save the day. I get to use my personal power for good. And support a close-knit team. It’s a chance to develop as a leader, a networker and as a psychotherapist. I get to be serious and I get to be a goofball. I laugh, I cry, and I puff my chest for what is right on behalf of the dying.

I work with 4 other incredible Hospice social workers. We all get up everyday put their own personal life/ issues aside to come to work to be the hand-holder and a hero to someone who is dying. We do incredible work friends and I love you all dearly.

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