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Celebration Walk at Midland Care

Celebration Walk at Midland Care

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Every May finds people remembering their loved ones who have died.  This practice dates back to the 1800s when the focus was mainly on remembering those who died while serving our country.  To this day we have a federal holiday, Memorial Day, specifically designated to remember those who died while in military service.  Many people visit cemeteries and memorials throughout the month to remember and celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones.

Midland Care holds an annual event each May to celebrate the lives of all of the patients who died in our programs throughout the year.  It is a time of remembering those who died and honoring the impact they had on our lives.  It is also a time of celebration—that we had the opportunity to know them and the difference they made in our lives.  The event is bittersweet, in that there can be sadness and happiness at the same time as we remember and celebrate.

As Jonathan Safran Foer once said, “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.”

If you are grieving the death of a loved one, we invite you to join us at the Midland Care Celebration Walk to spend the evening with other community members who are grieving and also community members who come to provide support to those who are grieving.

Midland Care will be hosting our 23rd annual Celebration Walk and Butterfly Release on Friday, May 10, from 6pm until dusk. Thousands of luminaries will light a path along Midland Care’s 22 acre campus in honor of loved ones who have died. There will be live music, a food court, games, face painting, and bouncy houses for children to enjoy.   There is also a quiet place for reflection.  There are activities to participate in for remembering your loved one.

The Butterfly Release is always a favorite tradition as each family will be given an envelope with a budding butterfly to release.  There is a roll call ceremony, where the name of each person’s loved one is read.   It is a powerful event for those attending.

The Celebration Walk is a fundraiser for our hospice services and the purchase of a luminary or donations are greatly appreciated.

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