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Doc Talk: Check on Neighbors During Dangerous Cold

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Doc Talk: Check on Neighbors During Dangerous Cold

It’s dangerously cold in Northeast Kansas, Dr. Wensel fills you in one how we can keep our community’s frail elders safe on today’s Live Doc Talk.

Posted by Midland Care Connection, Inc. on Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Hello, this is Dr. Wensel again with Midland Care Doc Talk. Thank you so much for watching us and viewing these. Today, I thought we would talk about the critical the current temperatures are, especially in central Kansas right now. When I went out this morning to my car, I believe the temperature gauge on my car read one below zero or two below zero, it did warm up I think to zero on the way over to work, but it’s bitter cold and very dangerous. So a couple of things to talk about and remind people about when these things happen.

As many of you probably know, many of the school systems are closed today because of the cold and our transportation department for our PACE programs, and that sort of stuff is still transporting, but only for critical things, for critical appointments, and that sort of stuff because of the worry about freezing or the nature of how bitter the cold is. People should not be outside for any length of time at all, especially those who are frail or ill.

One of the things we’re reminding everybody to do is be sure to check on your family members, or [make] check-in calls for loved ones and friends who are elderly or can’t get out. Make sure they have heat and make sure they’re okay, because it’s really critical now. If someone were to lose the ability to heat their home or their apartment, they could freeze to death in a very short amount of time.
All of our services here at Midland, our hospice services, our palliative care services, home health services, our PACE services, we’re doing check-ins on all of our patients. Our nurses, social workers, chaplains, therapists (physical therapists and occupational therapists), we’re all out checking on our patients, making sure they’re all okay. Checking if they need something, if they need meals, if they need help, that sort of stuff, so I’m reminding everybody to do that.

The other thing is, if you’re going to be outside, make sure your skin is covered, because the wind chills are in the 20 below range or something like, that so in a very short amount of time your skin could start to freeze. You might not even realize it. You could get frostbite on your fingertips, your nose, your ears, that sort of stuff so keep everything covered and only be out for brief, short periods of time. Don’t be very long in this cold.

So again, only essential transportation is being done today, and if you know someone who’s frail elderly or who needs assistance please check in on them today, because it’s risky for them today, especially if they lose their ability to heat where they’re living, and we’re doing the same here. Stay inside, it’s supposed to warm up later in the week again, hopefully, the temperatures will begin to rise a little bit. When it gets this cold, by recommendation even to my patients is if you’re not feeling well or you need to be seen we’ll get you in here, otherwise stay put, we’ll come check on you. Our transportation department is moving and getting out, but only for critical things. So stay inside, stay safe, be warm and check on those people that you know, your loved ones, your neighbors, your friends that might need help.

Thanks again for watching these things, sharing these things, liking these things, continue those questions and next week we’re going to have a dietitian with us to talk about her role and responsibilities here at Midland Care. Thanks a lot!

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