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Findables Find: Chaim Gross Bronze Sculpture

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Image of Chaim Gross Bronze Sculpture Untitled
Chaim Gross Bronze Sculpture, Untitled

We have a new Findables Find! A generous donor has donated this Chaim Gross bronze sculpture, signature and number inscribed. It is untitled, dated 1943, Size is 7″ high (including base) and 1.5″ wide.

Chaim Gross (1904-1991) was an American sculptor and educator. Gross immigrated to the United States from Austria in 1921 at the age of 17. Already an art student at that time, he continued to study and later teach in the United States. He worked with wood, stone and bronze, and became extremely influential, showing throughout the world. His piece, Judith, 1960, is currently at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. Gross’s large-scale bronze, The Family, 1979, is a fixture of Greenwich Village.

This would have been one of his earlier bronze pieces, created as he was starting to move away from wood and stone into the medium for which he would be best known.

We are asking $1,500 for this piece. To purchase or for more information, call Findables at 785-273-2773 or come by the store and ask for Jean Doherty-Trupp.

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