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Five Healthy Habits of Caregivers

Five Healthy Habits of Caregivers

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Healthy caregivers take time for themselves sometimes.
It’s hard to make time for yourself when you’re a caregiver, but you can’t be effective at caring for someone else when you’re exhausted. Take time to do something you enjoy.

Healthy caregivers set realistic goals.
Your loved one may not be able to function at the level they used to. Spaces or schedules may not work as well as time passes. Grieve the losses but focus on realistic plans for the future. Be willing to adapt to changes in your loved one’s condition.

Healthy caregivers know that they’ll make mistakes.
It’s normal to feel impatient, stressed out or even angry as a caregiver. Allow yourself to have feelings – even negative ones-about caregiving. Allow yourself to make mistakes. It doesn’t make you a bad caregiver.

Healthy caregivers prioritize eating healthy foods, getting sleep and exercising.
Don’t neglect your physical needs. What you eat and how healthy you are affects your energy and mood. Give your body the fuel you need to support your loved one.

Healthy caregivers ask for help.
It can be hard to ask for help. You may feel like you have to work extra hard to avoid inconveniencing others. You may think that assistance is too expensive or impractical for you. You may be surprised to learn about community resources. If you need support as a caregiver, contact Midland Care. We offer a range of programs to support caregivers, including adult day services, respite care, support groups and more.

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