Recipes & Remembrances Cookbook

“Mom would have a family get-together for every occasion, holiday and birthday. We were always excited to get a good meal at mom’s. Her cooking wasn’t fancy. Every now and then she’d try a Paula Deen or Martha Stewart recipe, and we’d usually tell her to stick to the old ones. Our lives were centered around the kitchen table. Even when we got too big for the kitchen, we would just crowd in. We miss mom and all the good meals she made, but are so thankful for the time we had with her."
Linda Blosser

For families like Linda Blosser’s, the most evocative memories come from the kitchen. Families cook and eat together. The meals we share turn into memories that we carry years afterwards, even after our loved ones are gone. For nearly 40 years, not-for-profit health care provider Midland Care has brought hope, comfort and support to families in northeast Kansas. Families we have served, as well as our employees and volunteers, have contributed their recipes and remembrances to this unique cookbook, filled with 261 time-honored family recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

The cookbook is bound in a padded 3-ring binder with durable metal binding, allowing you to add supplemental recipes. Special pages include cooking tips, substitutions, and food facts. The cookbook is professionally produced by Morris Cookbooks and costs $15.

Recipes & Remembrances: Recipes from the Midland Care Family makes a thoughtful, unique gift. All proceeds from the sale of this beautiful, padded 3-ring, 261 recipe cookbook support the Midland Care Center for Hope & Healing, providing counseling, support groups, youth camps and other specialized services for people of all ages who have experienced the death of someone they love. At only $15, you’ll want to get one for all the cooks in your life.

Where to Buy

Midland Care Findables
Gage Village Shopping Center
4032 SW Huntoon in Topeka
Mon and Sat 10 to 5
Tues to Fri 10 to 6
2nd Tues 10 to 8

Midland Care Center for Hope and Healing
1112 SW 6th Avenue in Topeka
Mon to Fri 8 to 5

Shipping is available by request for $5 per book. Contact Suz McIver at 785-232-2044 ext. 701100 or via e-mail to arrange shipping.

With Deepest Gratitude

We would like to thank each person who submitted a recipe or a remembrance to this book. We are humbled to be entrusted with such wonderful memories. Special thanks to volunteers who provided recipe proofing and clerical work to make this book possible: Gloria Weir, Royce Dent, Judy Holliday, Michele Smith, Darlene Morgan and Samantha Smith.

About The Cover

When we think about food as a conduit for memories of those we have loved and lost, we are reminded of the flavors of life: sweet, savory, sour and bitter. Like a truly wonderful meal, a fully-lived life is an experience of all of the flavors. Moments of sweetness give way to bitterness, and back again. Bites to savor contrast those that test our palates. The ingredients in a simple salad dressing are a beautiful way to visualize the interplay of flavors and experiences as we eat and live together in the community.