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Planned Giving

"I looked for ways to leave a legacy. My gift is directed to help children in Midland Care grief programs. I'm helping with that work as much as I can now - but I wondered, who will do the work when I'm gone? My gift will help ensure the work continues."
Suz McIver, Midland Care Legacy Circle Member

What is planned giving?

Simply put, planned giving is giving any major gift that would normally be out of reach given your income. Many people wish they could give more to important causes, but you don’t need to be particularly wealthy to give a major gift to a cause you care about.

One of the most popular types of planned giving is a gift payable to charity upon the donor’s death, such as a bequest or a beneficiary designation in a life insurance policy or retirement account.

At Midland Care, people who leave estate gifts are members of our Legacy Circle. These individuals have made plans to help Midland Care continue our work.

Joining the Legacy Circle is simple.

  • Contact your estate attorney and make arrangements to include Midland Care Connection, Inc. in your estate plans.
  • Notify our Development Department of your plans to discuss whether we can include your name with our Legacy Circle donors.

Legacy gifts received without restrictions will fund both immediate needs to cover unreimbursed services and our endowment to ensure long-term sustainability.

To learn more about the Legacy Circle, contact Monty Nelson at 785-232-2044.

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