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Grief Release Walking Group

Grief Release Walking Group

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Grief is a uniquely personal experience. Every mourner brings unique skills and tools to the work of grieving. What is helpful to each grieving person on their grief journey is very different and even changes as the person’s journey evolves.  Midland has offered for years traditional support groups for those grieving the loss of a loved one which mostly involves people meeting together around a table while talking/providing support.

This summer, The Center for Hope and Healing is expanding its offerings by introducing the first of several more specialized groups.  The goal with these groups is to provide alternatives to the traditional grief groups, to reach those people who would benefit from a different type of group.

We are excited to announce that our first group is the Grief Release Walking Group that will meet weekly on Thursday mornings at Gage Park during the month of June.  There will be an alternative location for days of inclement weather.   Grief Release incorporates both the healing aspects of physical activity and the processing/supportive parts of a group. Each week, the group will meet together to share a brief meditation about the grief process then break up into smaller groups for walking and conversation.

Walking has been identified as an activity that supports both physical and mental health. It is being used as a grief support tool in programs across the country.  Grief Release is a closed group, which means registration is required.  If you are interested in participating in the Grief Release group, call Sherry Combs at the Center for Hope and Healing at 785-430-2199 ext. 701107 or email her at to register.