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Grief Support for Children, Teens and Their Adults

Grief Support for Children, Teens and Their Adults

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Grief Support for Children, Teens and Their Adults
When a family experiences the death of a loved one, everyone is impacted.  Many families find that each family member grieves differently and what works for one person doesn’t work for another.  Family Evening is an opportunity for all grieving family members ages 3 and up, to participate in a 7 week grief support group.  The group is focused on providing grief education, remembering the person who died and increasing positive coping skills.   Children and teens are placed into groups based on ages.  The adults also learn about how children and teens grieve and how they can assist their grieving kids.  Dinner is provided.  The group meets on Thursday evenings, from March 21, 2019 through May 2, 2019.

To register or for more information please contact Sherry Combs 785.430.2199 ext. 701107, or Cara Terpening 785.430.2199 ext. 701103,

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