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Happy Kansas Day! Here are Midland Care’s Favorite Things About Kansas

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Happy Kansas Day! Here are Midland Care’s Favorite Things About Kansas

Midland Care is a community care provider, proudly Kansas-based since 1978. We’re excited to celebrate Kansas Day on January 29 with our staff, volunteers, patients and participants. Here’s a list of favorite things about living, working and touching lives in the Sunflower State.

Beautiful Drives

Midland Care serves nineteen Kansas counties, a service area of over 12,000 square miles. Because we work to keep our elders living in their own homes and communities, our staff drives all over our service area providing care. Our team of drivers hits the road for thousands of miles everyday, so we’re grateful to live in such a beautiful state. Wheat fields, sunflowers, rolling prairies and the Flint Hills are all just another day in the office for our traveling teams of care providers.

Quirky Roadside Attractions

Looking for the world’s largest ball of twine? Deepest hand-dug well? Big Brutus? We have you covered in Kansas. We like to do things a little differently here, it’s what helps us innovate. Sometimes, our innovation allows someone like Kansan Earl Wilbur Sutherland to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discoveries concerning hormones. Sometimes, it allows us to develop and curate the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things. It’s all here in Kansas.

Amazing Kansas Elders

Kansas is full of dynamic, fascinating seniors, many of which we get the privilege to care for. Over 400,000 Kansans are over 65, each one full of a lifetime of stories and experiences. We value the contributions seniors make to our state and take seriously our duty to care for them when needed. Nearly 23% of Kansas seniors are veterans and 21% received food stamps in the last year. We also know the number of people aged 65 and over in Kansas is projected to rise 41 percent over the next fifteen years. With community and legislative support, Midland Care is part of a network of care providers that will care for this population. [source: US Census Bureau]

The Legacy of Kansan Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton

One of our favorite artists is a Kansan with a proud legacy. Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton didn’t start producing art until she was in her sixties. Her contour pencil line drawings explored women’s rights, artistic freedom and health care, especially mental health, and treatment of the elderly.  Her work has been shown around the world, including shows at the Smithsonian. As an artist, she created art that rejected stereotypes of old age. One of her original works, donated to Midland Care, hangs in the Topeka PACE center.

Getting Outside

As advocates for healthy living, we encourage people to get out and move. Thankfully, Kansas abounds with hiking trails, bike routes and lakes and rivers for recreation. We have some beautiful settings for exercise. The weather can present challenges, but is also never stays the same for long. Kansans take pride in days that feature snow in the morning, warm sun in the afternoon and thunderstorms in the evening. The route for your daily run never gets boring that way!

Kansas’ Support for Innovative Care

From Bleeding Kansas to Brown v Board, this state is no stranger to being the forerunner of social change. It is only fitting that Kansas leads the charge for the cultural shift in our treatment and feelings towards aging. Thanks to generous community support, Midland Care opened The House at Midland Care, the first inpatient hospice house in Kansas, in 2000, and the 37th Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) in the United States, in 2007. We’re now working towards The Compass Center for Senior Independence to help keep Kansas seniors aging in our communities.

Help us touch more lives in Kansas, because a great state deserves great care. 


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