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Helping Grieving Kids Handle Anger

Helping Grieving Kids Handle Anger

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Children and teens often have feelings of anger as they are grieving.  However, anger is frequently misunderstood.  This can be due to the fact that adults don’t think of anger as being an expression of grief.  They are ready for children to feel sad and to cry, but they are ill prepared to handle their feelings of anger.  Many adults become worried that something is seriously wrong when a child or teen has sudden outbursts of anger, especially when it is not a “normal” behavior of the child.  Anger in and of itself is not something an adult needs to be worried about.  It is however, a great opportunity for an adult to help a child or teen to learn appropriate ways to express their anger and appropriate coping skills to handle their anger.

The Center for Hope and Healing at Midland Care has educational sheets for adults on helping grieving children and teens to handle anger.  The first two pages are written specifically for adults to provide information about children’s anger and how to be helpful.  The next two pages are worksheets about anger that an adult may use with the child.  One page focuses on the anger warning signs—how to know when you are starting to get angry.  This helps the child to be able to identify when they are getting angry so they can start using their coping skills to calm down.  The other page focuses on when the child feels angry what they can do to calm themselves down. Click here to access the educational pages.

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