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Honoring Our Veterans at Midland Care

Honoring Our Veterans at Midland Care

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Midland Care often has the privilege to care for Veterans and their families. The staff at Midland Care recognizes that Veterans and their families have offered a unique kind of sacrifice to our community on a local and national level for many generations. One of the unique challenges for our military families can include a limited support system due to the nature of the military lifestyle of relocating to new communities. The staff at Midland Care become a support system for these families, as often times their extended families are not nearby.

Midland Care is conscientious to recognize each Veteran and their branch of service at all memorial events. Some of Midland’s activities include draping deceased Veterans with a flag during transportation, participating in the annual Veterans Day Parade, and matching volunteers who are Veterans with patients/clients who are Veterans. Additionally, Midland Care is proud to have a strong partnership with Colmery-O’Neal VA and the Heartland Honor Flight.

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has recognized Midland Care’s efforts to meet the needs of Veterans and their families at the most honorary level since 2012. Midland Care continues to review standards in this area as we consider serving our nation’s heroes to be an ongoing honor.

Grieving Veterans and grieving family members of Veterans often do not have a big support system due to the nature of many moves and thus need additional support from the community around them to help them during their grief journey. Midland Care is available for to assist Veterans and their family members on this journey.

As Memorial Day approaches, it is important to remember all of the Veterans who have served our country and especially those who died while on active duty, in order to protect our country and our freedom. In addition, their family members deserve to be recognized for all of the sacrifices they made while their loved ones were away on active duty. Thank you for all of your sacrifices, from the Midland Care staff and volunteers.