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Aging at Home

Aging at Home with Trusted, local support to help you live independently

We all want to stay in our own homes as we get older, living safely and independently. Health problems can get in the way. Asking for a hand as you age is a wise decision. Getting a little extra help now can prevent injuries that can make it difficult or impossible for you to live independently later. Midland Care offers a variety of solutions for aging at home.

Below you can find out more information about services that help you age in place. As you learn about these services, you may find yourself asking additional questions. We encourage you to give our Care Access Line a call. A team member will help answer your questions and provide insight on what programs might be most helpful to your situation.

How can we help?

Did you know that Midland Care offers a free consultation for our programs? You can speak with someone to learn more about aging at home and continuing to live independently.