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How Can PACE Help?

How Can PACE Help?

PACE is a program designed to help you live independently and to meet your health and wellness goals. PACE participants work with their team of doctors, nurses, aides and other health care professionals to decide what kind of help they need most. Some of the benefits many PACE participants see include:

  • Less time in the hospital. PACE participants have fewer hospital admissions, hospital days and ER visits than people with similar conditions who are not enrolled in PACE (1)
  • Ability to live in your own home rather than a nursing home. PACE participants are 30% less likely to live in a nursing home. Most spend their entire lives in their own homes. (2)
  • A one-stop site for health care. Midland Care PACE has primary care, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, exercise classes, social activities and more all in one building. Medical transportation, including transportation to the PACE Center, is provided for you if you need it. You’re not on your own to get to appointments and find services you need. We can help.
  • Help at home. Midland Care PACE offers services in your home depending on need, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, assistance with personal care and even light housework. PACE also supports family caregivers with training, support groups and respite care.
  • A local team who gets to know you. The PACE team cares for a small number of patients so they can get to know you, your living situation, your family and your preferences. Midland Care PACE is a small, local, not-for-profit organization where you get personal attention.
  • 24/7 support. A nurse is available to speak with PACE participants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are always available to make sure your needs are met.

To learn more about current research on the benefits of PACE, visit the National PACE Association online

If you are interested enrolling or learning more about PACE, contact us today at 1-800-726-7450 (TTY 1-866-735-2957). The sooner you call, the sooner we can help.

(1) Micah Segelman, Xueya Cai, Christine van Reenen, and Helena Temkin-Greener Transitioning From Community-Based to Institutional Long-term Care: Comparing 1915(c) Waiver and PACE Enrollees The Gerontologist 2015 : gnv106v1-gnv106.(2) Kane, R. L.; Homyak, P.; Bershadsky, B; & Flood, S. (2006). Variations on a theme called PACE. Journal of Gerontology Series A, Vol., 61

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