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Joanie’s Garden during Celebration Walk

Joanie’s Garden during Celebration Walk

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At Midland Care’s Celebration Walk there is a little known location that is a very special place for contemplation and memorializing your loved one.  This special place is Joanie’s Garden.  It is located in the enclosed courtyard of Building A (the main administrative building).  You will see welcome to Joanie’s Garden signs on the south side of the building.  The purpose of Joanie’s Garden is to provide a welcoming and calm atmosphere where people can participate in activities to remember their loved ones, while being supported by Midland Care staff and volunteers.

As you enter the garden, lush flowers and the aromatic scent of pinion burning in the chiminea, create a sense of peace and provide an opportunity to reflect and remember loved ones.  There is an opportunity to write a note to your loved one and burn it in the chiminea, sending thoughts and prayers Heaven bound.

You may also decorate small stones with a message (name of your loved one, words expressing how you are feeling since he/she died or draw a picture/design that shows how you are feeling, etc.) and place them in a sacred spot in the garden.

You can participate in making a beautiful memorial wreath celebrating the lives of our loved ones.  This wreath will be displayed throughout the year.  In addition, you may make a baby wreath to take with you as a memory of your loved one.

Joanie’s Garden is dedicated to the memory of “Joanie” Dick. Joanie was hired as the first home health aide for Midland Care Hospice in 1990. She later became a nurse with Midland, working with hospice patients for almost a decade. She died in the fall of 2000. This garden was funded by an anonymous donor and dedicated in her memory in 2000.

As you leave the garden, you will receive helpful information about the grieving process and Midland’s Bereavement services. We hope you will take a few minutes during the Celebration Walk to join us in Joanie’s Garden to experience the calming atmosphere and to participate in one or all of the available memorializing activities.