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New Butterfly Memories Mural at Midland Care 

New Butterfly Memories Mural at Midland Care 

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Midland Care Butterfly Memories MuralA new mural painted by Andy Valdivia titled “Butterfly Memories” is now on display at Midland Care at 200 SW Frazier Circle, Building A. The Butterfly mural celebrates the live butterfly release that is a meaningful part of the Annual Celebration Walk happening on June 25, 2021, at 6 p.m. 

The butterfly symbolizes new life, resurrection, change renewal, hope, endurance, and courage to embrace the transformation to make life better. 

The two-part mural features an oversized sunflower with a huge monarch that is magically within reach of a child or seated adult. Around the corner, two enormous Monarch Butterfly wings are whimsically positioned on the wall, inviting pictures of human butterflies. 

“Despite sorrow or challenges in living, we all seek expressions of beauty; murals encourage us to slow down; to take in and explore something unexpected and lovely,” said Nancy Buckingham Harms, Midland Care Volunteer Services Coordinator who oversaw this project. “They inspire conversation, contemplation, and in this particular case, joy!” 

Some of the symbolic meanings of a monarch butterfly are metaphors representing spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life. They are so delicate, and yet this butterfly migrates annually from the southern reaches of Canada on a journey that will take them 2,500 miles to remote mountain treetops in central Mexico, and back again.  

Midland Care invites the community to come to enjoy the Butterfly Memories mural and share their photos, stories, and memories of loved ones using the #ButterflyMemories. 

Other Featured Works by Noted Mexican-American muralist Andy Valdivia of Topeka, Kansas

  • Murals by Valdivia are part of an exhibit at the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site titled “From Mexico to America: Through the Eyes of Kansas Artists.”
  • Valdivia’s mural “Our History: Lucha por Derechos Civiles,” (where prominent Topekans are portrayed) is at the Marlo Cuevas-Balandran Activity Center, 224 N.E. Branner St.
  • “Iron Rail Pale Ale” At the Iron Rail Painted by Andy Valdivia, this mural shows Cyrus K Holliday as a gandy dancer in the early days of the AT&SF. With nods to the Wizard of Oz, this mural shows the Capital City as the land of Oz and also painted by Andy Valdivia “Super Chief Stout” Depicts the Super Chief…the premier passenger engine of the AT&SF Railroad, this luxury Engine went from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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