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New Grief Group – Book Club

New Grief Group – Book Club

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So your loved one has died and some time has passed. You realize that you’re experiencing a high volume of disorganization, forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating. We have great news! You are not crazy, you are just grieving! Grief takes a toll on all of us and it’s no wonder with the life altering changes surrounding you.

Midland Care is offering a book club to help you understand your grief and how it’s affecting you and those around you. The book being studied is It’s Ok That You’re Not OK by Megan Devine.  The book discusses how grief is treated in our culture, our reactions to words of comfort, how to go on living in the midst of your grief and anxiety, interactions and changes in relation to family and friends. It’s a lot to process for any one person.

A book club is a great opportunity to hear how your peers are adjusting and reacting to a similar situation and all are present to offer support and kind guidance. Some people find a book club format more comforting than a traditional support group format, as a book club allows them to feel prepared for the group and to know what is going to be discussed.

The book clubs are closed groups, which means they only meet for 6 weeks and we would like you to register ahead of time. There are two different sessions of the book club group being offered.  The first is on Monday’s from July 8-August 12 at 10-11am and the second is on Tuesday evenings July 9-August 13, from 7-8. Please call Sherry Combs at 785-232-2044 or email her at if you have any additional questions or would like to register.

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