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About Our Ornament Artist

About Our Ornament Artist

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Each year, Midland Care produces a commemorative porcelain ornament featuring original artwork from a local artist to inspire joy, memories, and peace during the holiday season. The 2020 Memory Tree ornament features a flying dove in warm, blue tones carrying a twig representing peace. We hope this year’s ornament provides you peace amid this season of your life.  

Janice Parnell is our 2020 Memory Tree ornament artist. She has worked for Midland Care for almost two years and loves her job. “The people I work with are the best.” Janice shares her baking talents with clients of Midland Care. “I love caring for the elderly. One day I will be at that age and would like to be treated the same way Midland treats their people.”  

Like many of our Memory Tree guests each year, Janice knows the pain of losing someone close to her. She lost her dear husband this year. “I put everything on hold. I have been drawing now for a while. I also do diamond art and am now just getting back into that.” Janice chose the dove for her Memory Tree ornament artwork because, “it’s the sign of peace.”   

We wish for you peace in this season. 

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