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Recipes & Remembrances

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When we think about food as a conduit of memories of those we have loved and lost, we are reminded of the flavors of life: sweet, savory, sour and bitter. Like a truly wonderful meal, a fully-lived life is an experience of all the flavors. Moments of sweetness give way to bitterness, and back again. bites to savor contrast those that test or palates. the ingredients in a simple salad dressing are a beautiful way to visualize the interplay of flavors and experiences as we eat and live together in community.

“One of my favorite family recipes, included in this book is my mother Helen’s homemade ice cream, passed to her from her sister, Rebecca. This is one of my favorites because everyone loves it. Nothing brings kids and adults together, laughing and talking, more than fresh, homemade ice cream on a warm, summer afternoon,” said Karren Weichert, President and CEO of Midland Care.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Provided by Karren Weichert In Memory of Helen Maner Riner, her Mother
4 eggs
1 c. sugar
1 T. vanilla
1/2 pt. whipping cream
2 cans Eagle Brand milk
1 1/2 qt. whole mild
Fruit of Choice, mashed or pureed, about 1 c.

Beat eggs. Cream sugar, vanilla, whipping cream and Eagle Brand in a bowl. Mix thoroughly with mixer. Add fruit and hand stir. Stir. Pour into 4-quart freezer and add whole milk to fill line. Crank until stiff. Enjoy!

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