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What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a supportive health care option, meeting end-of-life needs, for those who are facing a life-limiting illness.  Care takes place in your own home, long-term care facility, assisted living environment or The House at Midland Care, our inpatient hospice house. Where ever you are, we will come to you. The focus is on quality of life.  

Hospice means more care - not less. Hospice care means a specialized team of doctors and nurses to manage physical care, striving to keep symptoms and pain under control at a level acceptable to the patient. Home health aides can provide personal care like bathing and grooming. Social workers provide counseling, help with end-of-life planning and access to other services that might be needed. Chaplains provide a listening ear and spiritual support. Volunteers fill many different roles from companionship to even running errands if needed. Each and every one are here for you every step of the way. 

Midland Care Medical Director, Dr. Greg Wensel, talks about the role of hospice in supporting patients and families.

If you are wondering about hospice services, chances are you or someone you love is facing a life-limiting illness. When cure is no longer an option, Midland Care Hospice can help. When people hear the word hospice they can become fearful about what it all means. At Midland Care it means hope, comfort and support at all times.

It means a staff committed to providing care to patients and families that put focus on the hope for each new day. It means an experienced staff to provide comfort to each patient through effective pain and symptom management. It means staff are available to provide care, education, and emotional and spiritual counseling to support each patient and family through what can be a very stressful and difficult moment - yet a very precious time.

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Key Points

  • Hospice is a health care option for people with any kind of life-limiting illness.
  • Hospice means more health care - not less. Hospice care focuses on quality of life.
  • Hospice care comes to you - whereever you live.
  • Anyone can start the conversation - you don't have to wait for a doctor's referral to learn about hospice care.