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Our patients and their families say it best.

"The care my wife received allowed myself, and our kids, the time we needed and deserved to just be together. I can not put into words the level of care and caring we were given."

"Very caring and exceptional care to both the patient and to us - the family. We had a very high quality hospice team."

"As a patient my mother was treated with compassion and a high degree of professionalism from the hospice staff. Our family appreciated that our mother had a place to pass away in peace, dignity, and tranquility. We also appreciated the staff's compassion to us and the facilities hospitality."

"Your team is one excellent bunch of people. Your help made it possible for my husband to get his wishes met - which was to pass at home. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

"Words do not and can not describe my gratitude for the care and compassion for my Father, his care giver and I received. I could never have done this without the support and understanding. Thank you, you all know who you are and what you gift you offer."

"Thank you hospice team for being a group of well caring health care workers. A job well done,"

"I was extremely pleased with the entire hospice experience. Every single person we had contact with was very caring and knowledgable. I would definately recommend hospice to anyone in our situation. I cannot say enough about how helpful they were for us during this time."

"When Mom went to Midland one of her family was with her 24 hrs a day. But we were able to talk to her (thought she wasn't verbal) and read to her. It was so nice to just be her daughter or son and not have to worry about her medical care and hygiene needs. Thank each and everyone for that time with Mom."

"The whole team was really good. I couldn't ask for more. They were the best."

"We were very pleased with the care given to my Mother. They were all so kind and caring. They made entire family feel so welcome, and really thought of us. My Mother was ready to return to our heavenly Father and they made her passing as comfortable as they could. I am so thankful we have a place so great to care for the dying. Keep up the wonderful work and thank God for such caring and compassionate people."

"The family was extremely pleased with the care and compassion that was shown by the nurses while caring for our Mother,"

"I want to thank Tonya & Janet for being so wonderful & helpful & caring with [my daughter]. She loved them both very much. I am grateful for the love and care they provided my daughter."

"The fact that hospice provides me and my children with a bereavement counselor and she comes to MY home is the BEST and so very appreciated."

"I appreciate the access to Hospice grief counseling now -- especially for my teenager. 13 months is very generous,"

"Most excellent caring."

"Best decision ever to have her at Midland [Care]. Everyone was wonderful from the moment she arrived."

"Thank you and the staff for excellent care for my husband. Thanks for all the support through our difficult loss of my husband."

"Never have I experienced a more caring organization. I applaud you so much! Thank You."

"Our nurse was absolutely wonderful - not only to my dad, but also to us. I cannot imagine going through this process without Hospice. Made all the difference in the world!"

"The staff and care was wonderful! It was a great blessing that we were free to provide music to dad. That a youth choir was allowed to come and sing to him and we were able to have a birthday party for him. It was a very special time which wouldn't have been possible without the pain management and caring atmosphere. Thank you for this ministry to our family at a very difficult time."

"For the short period of time my late husband was there, the care he received was very good. The nurses that were working that night were wonderful."

"I couldn't ask for better help & care."

"I wasn't able to visit Midland Care while my son was a patient there. I called several times and received updates and I thank you all for that. I am deeply grateful for your kindness."

"My father was only under Hospice care for 1 1/2 days, but, we had spoken with a Hospice nurse 2 weeks prior, also. Both encounters with the nurses were very informative, they were compassionate & professional. I believe nurses are angels on earth. Thank You".

"My family could not have asked for my husband to have been in a better place or have better care, Thank You so much".

"Everyone was a great help, 800 number was good to use, off hour calls returned promptly, supplies & equipment were great".

"Honestly - your nurses were/are the best I have ever seen".

"The availability of Hospice House was invaluable and essential to the quality of the final days of my husband's life.  I was able to give him comfort, not the primary care I provided during his time at home. I wish he could have had his cats at Hospice House as that would have made it as good as it could have been, but the cats wouldn't have been comfortable - however, if there were hospice animals who were trained it would have been perfect - he loved dogs and cats - they comforted him like nothing else".

"We were pleased with Hospice care, although we were only participants for a little less than three full days, we were particularly blessed that she was admitted to Hospice House".

"Your team in Ottawa were great!  There are not words to express how caring they were.  From bath aides, nurses, they are very special people. They helped us tremendously!! There is not enough good that I can say about them. They are worth a million dollars - and they have hearts of gold!! I am going to miss visiting w/them. Thank You".

"I was amazed at the gentle & caring manner he was treated, both while at home and at hospice. He was treated at home for 16 days and at hospice 4 days. Also, every need of family was suggested and/or provided. An amazing organization!!"

"Thank you all for the care you gave my husband. They were all so kind and made him feel as well as they could".

"Excellent staff, caring group of people worked to ensure my father was comfortable. Blessings to all!".

"Hospice was very caring. They made a very difficult experience much easier".

"This was my mother, I was her only child. I set the bar very high for her care. The purple team and fill ins did a very good job. She loved music & loved the harp player coming. I so appreciate him, he calmed her and made her happy. The purple team was excellent. I was with her every evening & alot during the day. I knew what kind of care she received. My family is in healthcare so I had back up from them. I recommend Midland Hospice Care, it's the best in Topeka".

"I am so grateful to all the hospice team. They understood and treated the patient with the utmost respect and tenderness during the transition from pain to peace. They were my family when I was there alone and still caring and supportive when my son was with me. May God bless them in their mission".

"Wonderful care - Kindness".

"Have an excellent program".

"The care was excellent, don't know the exact number of days she was in hospice".

"We were very pleased with the help and care my mother received".

"We appreciate all the Hospice staff. It was our first experience with Hospice and it was as good as experience as we could expect. This was so much better than being in a hospital".

"When told that my mother could come home w/hospice we had no knowledge of any of the hospice services/agencies here. We asked for info and chose some to interview. Those we chose were all given my mother's medical info & your agency was the only one that took the time to look at it & was able to talk specifically to her needs and how you could meet those needs. The fact that you took that time to show the interest in what she needed is why we chose your agency. We are positive we made the right choice!"

"I was very impressed with my parents team. They were always available when needed and empathetic to our needs and our moods. We switched hospices in the middle of their care and I was glad I did. I would recommend Midland Hospice to all who need it, and I thank the team from the bottom of my heart".

"It was the most wonderful experience. We had heard so many great things about Hospice, but to experience it was so satisfying. We loved the care my mom received, but the comfort & hugs & friendly atmosphere was terrific! The homemade cookies & soup were delicious! We cannot begin to express our appreciation. Thanks so much!"

"Our family is very appreciative of the care provided by the hospice team. Every member of the team was kind and compassionate and seemed quite knowledgeable about EOL care. One got the impression that every patient and every family member was the most important person on earth. I can't say enough good things about what was otherwise, a terrible, terrible time. With Sincere Thanks".

"The care and support for my mother was wonderful. She had a bath aide that gave her more baths than just the times the nursing home provided. They visited her and gave her gifts at Christmas and just made her feel special. One of her bath aides asked me to bring perfume and extras to help her feel special that are sometimes forgotten by that age and in a nursing home. She would paint mom's nails and just pamper her. Hospice care is wonderful and I can't thank everyone enough".

"I appreciate the care that was given in the short period that care was given".

"I appreciate everything the Hospice Team did to help my sister, my family and others who have utilized Hospice services. I hope my sister and her family and friends also believe it was a choice made that might be a part of their choices in their future as well as mine, if it is deemed to be helpful".

"My primary contact was with the admission nurse when she came to the hospital after I called her. She was so kind and considerate explaining the process of evaluation.  At the same time assuring me she would be cared for".

"While mom was at the Hospice House everyone was very accommodating and understanding. They would help out when ever possible without being intrusive. They not only took good care of mom, they took good care of us and out needs. (Recliners, blankets, sheets and so on)."

"I was very pleased with the care mom received. I would recommend Hospice to anyone with those type needs."

"All members of the hospice team were extraordinary individuals. My uncle, my sibling and I believe we had the very best team. I sincerely thank everyone. The love, care and compassion of Midland Hospice allowed my uncle to "live life" up to his last breath. He was satisfied and at peace. Also, the assistance I received when he died and after the funeral, was exceptional. I appreciate everything."

"Nurses were wonderful. They showed respect, compassion and tenderness towards my mother. The nurses at Hospice House were very good as well. We will be forever grateful for the care and services hospice provided. We couldn't have kept her at home without our "team"."

"The facility and staff were very good. It really helped all my family at a hard time of life. We greatly appreciate all efforts put forth to help with all needs of patient and family & friends."

"Even though mom was only there a few hours (about 20) we were so pleased with the lovely, calm, quiet setting. If she had been able to look out her window, she would have loved to see the peaceful garden because she had always loved working outside in her yard. Everyone was so nice to us & so helpful, especially since this was the first time we (her kids) had to go through this. When dad died, we still had mom & she helped us through it. But this time we had to figure it out for ourselves. It was very comforting to have such compassionate, knowledgeable people answering our questions & helping us figure out what to do."

"I needed the support your hospice team provided. As a nurse, I knew what to do but their care and support was much appreciated. They all understood the anger, anxiety and depression my husband went through and accepted and withstood all of it. Respect for our decisions was also greatly appreciated. Our physical needs for equipment were quickly met and I feel his dignity was always intact. Thank you for everything."

"Everyone was very loving and caring. They went out of the way to comfort me. I would leave at night feeling that my dear wife was being well cared for".

"My mother was not with hospice very long but my husband was under hospice care for almost a year and there is no way I could have kept him home without you.  I can't thank you enough. I recommend hospice to as many people as I can. Thanks again."

"Thank You very much from my family!! Everybody did a great job for my wife!!"

"I am very sorry I placed all hospice groups into one group, the care your Midland group gave my daughter and our family was wonderful, I can't say enough good about all the hospice Midland group, they were kind, very understanding and took very good care of our loved one."

"Everyone gave excellent care and advice."

"Very compassionate, kind, attentive.  Kept us informed and explained what was happening."

"Entire family was very pleased with Hospice Care provided to our loved one.  We will certainly recommend Midland Hospice to others."

"How wonderful your people are.  A true blessing.  They were honest, yet caring.  They were direct and focused.  What a gift you give."

"Very talented personell.  Everyone was very respectful to our family needs through the very tragic experience."

"As my brother only had one day of time with our local nurse, I was quite pleased with the situation.  Eleven years ago my brother died of cancer.  He had Hospice Care in his home for several weeks.  I was very pleased with the care he received and since have highly recommended hospice care for my friends and others that might need this service."

"Thank you very much for the care that was given to our mother.  She was treated with the upmost care and respect - I appreciate that!"

"My husband was under hospice care for such a short time that it was hard for me to evaluate.  The staff was very good in helping me to understand - I'm not sure his doctor knew when to recommend Hospice Care.  Actually, my son, a nurse, understood better and got the Dr. to ok it.  If he would have been in it longer, it might have prevented several unnecessary trips to see specialists or go to the emergency roon, when it really was not helpful."

Hospice House - "Thank you for helping us, God Bless you for all your work."

"Our family was treated with great respect and our mom got the best care possible.  The staff at Midland was great.  Not only did they take care of our mom, they took great care of all of us.  The home made cookies were great."
                                                             Thank you all so much!

Hospice House - "We appreciate the care that was given to our son.  The nurses were very professional and saw that all he was needing was taken care of.  We thank all of you very much for everything."