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Teen Volunteers at Midland Care

Teen Volunteers at Midland Care

Categories: grief and loss

When a teen first experiences the death of a loved one, he/she spends most of their energy on grieving and just making it through the day. Their focus is very much turned inward.
As time goes by teens often talk about how the death of their loved one makes them feel older and in lots of ways much different than their peers and friends. They talk about how the death of their loved one makes them ponder their purpose on this earth. Often they feel the need to do their part to make the world a better place.

One of the ways they can accomplish this goal, is by volunteering. By giving of their time and talents as a volunteer, they are making a difference and giving back to others. Midland Care believes that our organization is able to live out our mission in large part because of our committed volunteers. Midland Care has a group of dedicated teen volunteers who do projects all summer long and continue to assist with assignments and special projects throughout the school year.

Midland is looking for teens who are 12-18 years old and who are interested in volunteering with an organization where they can make a difference! Teens do not have to have experienced the death of a loved one to be a volunteer, but often our teen volunteers do have that life experience. Midland is currently taking applications for new teen volunteers and training will be held in June.

Please contact Stephanie Broxterman at (785) 232-2044 ext. 1088 or email her at to get details and an application.

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