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Time by Scott Wasser

Time by Scott Wasser

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Scott Wasser, RN pictured in the far left at the Midland Hospice Care in Ottawa.

Over the past 24 years, a lot has changed; and yet some things remain the same. People will be sick, and some will die. When I first saw the ad for a nurse in the Ottawa Herald, I did not know what hospice was and what “they” did.

After a little research on the subject, it seemed to be a natural fit. My wife and I had three of our four children at home so why not end your life at home.

Thus the application was completed, and my life as a hospice nurse began.

Back then we only had three days of orientation, then into the fire you went. It was fast paced and quick learning; fortunately, we did not have computer systems to learn, and phones were much simpler.

However, the same basic needs of the patient for comfort and education to the family remain steadfast. Each week was and remains a learning experience as no two patients, and family situations are the same. This keeps the job fresh and challenging. Meeting these changing needs as an organization is also integral to Midland Care’s mission and growth.

I still remember times when I was with a family as their mother, father, grandparent or spouse took their last breath. The times when the doctors came out to the home to grieve with the family. The times when I had to tell a mama it was time to let go of her baby- whether three months or 60 years old.

This is not easy work, but it is fulfilling. It is not just my job; it is my passion; my mission and it’s Midland Cares Mission.

–    Scott Wasser, RN

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