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Veteran’s Touch

Veteran’s Touch

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Veteran’s Touch 

Original poetry about and for those who have touched me, the rambling reflections of remembrance – Dale Stegman


I am not a veteran, 

But Veterans have protected me. 

So I’ll live the gift, 

They have given me. 


Before my time others served 

Some gave their all for me. 

Some were the grandparents 

Of those who love me. 


As a baby of the 60’s my Father missed the call. 

Whilst his boss’s son finished The Point and served in the paddies. 

Sacrifice for all, sadly, his name is on The Wall. 

Paying the price, the sacrifice, for other families. 


I met my father’s boss’s grandson 

Who knew his father naught. 

For family I appreciate 

Because I’ve seen what other’s bought. 


As a teen I worked with spouses of the returned, 

They’d wake at night screaming, fighting once again. 

Those who live, with those who served 

Have tales to tell, whilst loving remains. 


As a teen I cried, unashamedly, 

above a beach in Normandy. 

Those crosses white, all in rows so bright, 

So affected me. 


In college during the cold war 

I saw my peers in R.O.T.C. 

For their service I am thankful 

because that war, if occurred, would have surely finished me. 


As an adult I gained a friend, who lost a brother in far off Nam. 

He joined after burying him, for the sake of remembering him. 

Serving there, returning home he found it not like he’d left. 

For change occurs around us, in us, and through us each and every day. 


Fighting off cancer from walking with the orange, 

He’s still a proud Marine, each and every day. 

Sadly others don’t appreciate, what he gave for us. 

Forced from his job, he laughs it off, remembering much worse. 


As a leader of Boy Scouts, a young man back to his land. 

But somethings fishy, for he’s here, when recently deployed. 

Talking with the boys, he tells them all, of travels in the sand. 

Something’s up, I can tell, then Oath and Law renewed. 


Pulled aside, he confides 

It was not exactly like he told. 

For two in the vest and one in the arm 

Get you a ticket home back to the cold. 


In Nam and the Sand, many answered the call. 

Not once, not twice, but multiple times for all. 

Duty, honor, the edge, the pain, the greater dignity. 

The experience lives forever with no enmity. 


Now to this day and beyond, 

we’ll need those who serve. 

For evil will be at peril 

From those with the nerve. 


I am not a veteran, 

But Veterans have protected me. 

So I’ll live the gift, 

They have given me. 


Each day we live is testament, 

For sacrifices before. 

So live the gift given, 

and be thankful evermore. 


Remember, say a prayer 

For those heeding the call 

That one day they’ll be that veteran 

As now they give for all. 


Thank You, to those Serving. 

Thank You, Veterans. 

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