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Then and now, volunteers are at the heart of Midland Care.

Midland Care has roots stretching back to 1978, when a group of volunteers concerned with quality of life for the dying formed Hospice of Topeka. Then and now, volunteers are at the heart of Midland Care. Volunteers listen to stories, run errands, deliver roses, bake cookies, provide vigil care, sit at bedside, share music, play with children, provide administrative support and help fundraise. Take the time. Find your place. Change our world. 

As a volunteer at Midland Care, you will make new friends, share your skills and talents, grow in understanding and awareness, make a difference, find out how much you care and enjoy helping others.

There are many reasons to become a Midland Care volunteer.

  • Opportunity - Midland Care volunteers serve in capacities that call upon their interests, experiences, skills, training and willingness to grow and learn.
  • Impact - Midland Care volunteers make a difference in the community. Our volunteers are a valuable community resource touching lives one person at a time with hope, comfort and support.
  • Variety - The sky is the limit when we think of the many ways volunteers can help at Midland Care. We seek to match volunteers with fulfilling and purposeful jobs so their skills are best used. With over 100 unique job descriptions, we have a role just for you
  • Parties - We appreciate our volunteers, thanking them with three great parties every year - door prizes, awards, good food and fun!
  • Friendship - Midland Care volunteers see each other in the workplace and make tremendous connections, building long-lasting friendships.
  • Education - Midland Care volunteers may attend a variety of educational events and in-services at Midland Care, at no charge.
  • Newsletter - Quarterly newsletters and special mailings provide information on activities, community events, education, volunteer opportunities and job openings.
  • Staff Relationships - At Midland Care, our volunteers are greatly respected by our staff. We recognize that they provide much needed leadership, assistance and feedback within our programs. Volunteers and staff work together to make Midland Care the best it can possibly be!


Midland Care volunteers get specialized training.

Quarterly training camps and educational opportunities are available for all new and experienced volunteers. All potential volunteers must attend a four hour basic orientation. For those interested in working directly with patients, a twelve hour patient care training camp is required. Additional training is provided for our vigil, grief and loss and hospice house volunteers, as well as people working in administrative roles. In-services and educational classes are offered regularly. All education is provided to volunteers at no charge.

To learn more about volunteering, call us at (785) 232-2044